Examining the Impact of UT Martin’s Rifle Program on Petersen’s Career-Best Score

If there’s one player on the UT Martin rifle team who is putting up career-best scores for air rifles that is Victoria Petersen. She was the lead player in the Owls’ victory against UAB at the Great American Rifle Conference. Additionally, she scored the top air rifle scoring ever.

Joey Kovach, UT Martin’s Air Smallbore Champion and Rifle lead the way

Although it is hard to affirm it, this University of Tennessee at Martin rifle team has won both the air rifle and smallbore divisions, it is clear that they have. In particular, junior Joey Kovach has led the way in both disciplines. He has tallied more points on smallbore than the remainder of the field, as well as set a record-setting career high in the air rifle. Also, he became the third Skyhawk to lead the team’s overall scoring. It is difficult to do this especially given the amount of to play for.

The four-day competition was won with a victory at Morehead State Saturday by the rifle team of UT Martin. The event featured a variety famous names from across the country for air and smallbore rifles. They scored 4,671 points the total amount, and a staggering 4,624 against Ole Miss. Yet, the biggest amount of points scored on the day was the 2305 points scored by the team in the department of smallbore. This was 16 points higher than what the team got at the Arkansas-LittleRock’s top smallbore game on the 16th of October.

The University of Tennessee at Martin rifle team might not be a household name in the competitive world, but they are a force to be reckoned with. The season will be concluded with JSU Invitational. JSU Invitational, Jacksonville, Ala. November 18-19.

U.T. Martin’s Victoria Petersen collects career-high air rifle score against UAB

The University of Tennessee at Martin rifle team finished its season in the fall with an impressive performance. The team not only took home their second straight JSU Invitational, they also scored a season-high 2,317 air rifle points. UT Martin will continue to fight the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) between January 22 and 23. The game also featured North Georgia, Murray State as well as UT Martin.

UT Martin accumulated 4,567 points in total. This is a program record. Among the Skyhawks scoring players were Nick Fares, Jeffrey Bourassa and Jesse Chamberlain, who all participated to the department of air rifles. All of them achieved career-best scores. Emily Faught was another Skyhawk who excelled in the field of smallbore and broke the school record in the process. She registered a career-best 597. This was a break from the previous mark of 585. She received academic All-Big Ten Honors for her accomplishments and was named to the Tom Osborne Citizenship Team.

Victoria Petersen also set new personal records in the air rifle department, getting 581 against UAB. The first time she competed in the event, as she competed on a team comprised of Abigail Donald. Alayna Walther as well as Rachel Sprague both shot career-bests in the smallerbore section. The 569 and 569 points respectively put them in the fifth and sixth slot.

NC State’s Skyhawks finish seventh on the Great American Rifle Conference

NC State’s rifle squad ranked 7th in the Great American Rifle Conference Championships having a total score of 4667 points. The Wolfpack were also among the top three of smallbore with junior John Peterson leading the way with 581 points. The other noteworthy achievements is the air rifle where junior Addy Burrow was the best mark on day two with 590. This was the Skyhawks’ first try at a team member shooting the medal of gold.

NC State finished its season by winning 8 times. This was a record-setting season for the school. The team also ended a 45-game losing streak on the road, and also set new records. It finished the year with four wins on the road which was more than previously. Seven school records were set. Conference wins was also set.

The Skyhawks had the opportunity to sign 32 players in the normal sign-up period. The Skyhawks could take on one quarterback, five wide receivers, as well in three linebackers and three tight end players. It was the first year in which the team was able to sign this number of freshmen. Six offensive linemen were selected, as well as three defensive linemen, and four running backs. This meant that the Skyhawks were left with an impressive lineup.

The OVC is known for its long tradition of having national championships won in the fields of track, golf as well as football. The league is also a sponsor of beach volleyball and track.

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