How to Choose the Right Aesthetic for Your Brand or Business


The way that people show their personality, and there are many different types of fashions and styles available. A few examples include the feminine aesthetic that allows for gender fluidity and favors feminine clothing and makeup, and the cottagecore which blends rustic and an shabby chic design. Hygge is a style that comes from the Norweigan word meaning coziness focuses on gratitude and self-care. The e-girl look is another kind of aesthetic that blends sexuality and nerdiness.

Streetwear is a great option for those looking to wear a casual style. The skater style is a result of skater culture. However, it could also be influenced by Japanese style as well as punk. The grunge style is in existence for a while and promotes independence and individuality. Streetwear can be mixed with traditional, classic and other fashions. This fashion is extremely popular among numerous women and men from all ages.

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