Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez says he could “take out” Lionel Messi

After Argentina’s convincing victory over Mexico on the final day of 16 in the 2018 World Cup, it was clear it was evident that Lionel Messi was the star in the game. Messi was the Mexican boxer who made a post on Twitter to post a picture of Messi was cleaning up the floor with the Mexican shirt may have been feeling a bit salty after losing, but there’s no denying that Messi did an outstanding job. Messi, the Argentine captain was the team’s leader in an easy 2-1 win, scoring an amazing goal and laying the foundation for an additional. Messi’s match winning performance in Argentina is sure to be talked about for a while, but not everyone will be pleased with video footage of him seemingly kicking a Mexico jersey.

1. What was Messi consider his experience as boxer in Mexico? Mexican boxer?

Canelo Alvarez didn’t like Lionel Messi on the soccer pitch. Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez posted on social media and expressed his disappointment, warning that he would “beat him up” Messi should they were to meet. It’s unclear what caused Alvarez off, but it’s clear that he didn’t feel impressed by the talents of Messi.

2. How did Messi’s team respond to his victory?

Lionel Messi was congratulated by his fellow players for winning against Canelo Alvarez an Mexican boxer from Mexico. They were thrilled to watch the boxer win and were enthusiastic about his win. Messi is one very talented players anywhere, and they will always support him no matter what.

A Short Summary

They are both in different corners, with Canelo Alvarez one of them while Lionel Messi in the other. Canelo has threatened Lionel after Argentina’s win against Mexico in the World Cup. Lionel has yet to react to the threats of Canelo.

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