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Fluence’s LED lighting solutions are specifically designed to serve the increasing demands of commercial growers of cannabis. Since the release of their SHYFT Light Scheduler growers have now gained expert-level control over their grow environments. This lighting automation tool helps growers recreate exactly the conditions needed to maximize yield and boost development. SHYFT’s photoacclimation technology allows growers to create the ideal conditions for specific crops. The system can stand up to extreme conditions and temperatures. The device is mounted directly into the area or it can be used in conjunction with an industry-standard, 0-10V dimmer.

SHYFT is also equipped with an advanced photoperiod modethat manages the amount of sunlight that is absorbed and increases plant growth. This software for controlling lighting gives growers the ability to reproduce the environment of their crops on an ongoing basis. Fluence is a complete line of LED lighting choices. SHYFT is compatible with the latest technology. SHYFT allows growers to have photoperiod controls and professional-level management for distinct growth areas. SHYFT gives growers expert management of their growing environments. It allows for the elimination of the necessity for expensive and time-consuming interfaces. The North American market is the only one in the world that has this lighting automation tool.

Fluence’s Wireless Flex Dimming Solution, created to eliminate the need for wired control of lights with 0-10V fixtures, works with SHYFT. This new technology uses Bluetooth mesh technology that allows users to adjust wirelessly lights in their growing areas. Apart from eliminating the expense and time-consuming wire installations, Wireless Flex Dimming also provides enhanced security, capacity, and ease of use. Wireless Flex Dimming is easy to set up, offers security , and is scalable to fit any room.

As a leader in the field of LED lighting for horticulture, Fluence has a track history of expanding the market for LED lighting in the horticultural industry. In the current this year Fluence announces the announcement of their sixth annual “State of Cannabis Lighting Market” report, which outlines recent trends in the industry as well as technological advances. Fluence has joined forces with some of the most prestigious research institutions across the globe to examine the impacts of additional lighting in food production. In addition, Fluence is currently studying the effects of adding lighting on the production of strawberries at European greenhouses. They are also investigating the broad spectrum of white light effects in specific varieties.

Fluence’s innovative products will be on display at the MJBizCon Expo Hall in Las Vegas, Booth 2927. Fluence will showcase their SHYFT Light Schema which includes the SPYDR 2h , a multi-tier, high-output top lighting as well as its RAZR Modular System designed for vertical farmers. Fluence announces that it’s reached an agreement for distribution with Hydrofarm Holdings, who will distribute Fluence’s SPYDR Fang Lighting system using LEDs for Hydrofarm retail stores across the United States.

Fluence is an industry leader in the field of LED horticultural lighting advancement and has helped farmers increase their yields in terms of quality, quantity and profit. Fluence is the leader in the field in the field of LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis production and food production, is dedicated to helping growers grow top-quality crops.

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