The Impact of Investing in NYC Black-Owned Businesses on the Local Economy

This month is the best time to observe some inspiring Black entrepreneurs from and around New York City, we highlight local entrepreneurs doing amazing tasks and sharing their knowledge to other small-business owners. Khadejha (‘Dejha B’Brunner is the creator of Dejha B Coloring, an excellent brand of coloring books intended to reduce anxiety and aid individuals to realize the hidden talents they have. The founder of her venture, Brunner said, “The residual effects of the COVIDPandemic and mental health challenges faced by those in the Black community have given me an idea for an organisation that is able to lead to transformative change.” Based in her home her home in.

Renee Bishop was the founder of Deity and serves as its creative director. She was unable to pursue her music career due to closing all studios. On the advice from a colleague, she turned to coloring books as a way to unwind and soon discovered that there was a lack of adult coloring books that featured people of color or with inspirational content. Bishop wanted to fill the void and released “Color Your dreams into Reality” her debut book. The author also advises doing some research to determine what pricing options can be found for your company.

York is a luxury ready-to wear brand of women’s apparel that was launched in 2009. The brand offers timeless clothes which are inspired by European styles and the effects of the urban lifestyle. The company has enjoyed tremendous success, boasting six collections to its credit as well as 3 New York Fashion Week appearances. The brand was born out of the founder’s anger over the lack of luxury garments suitable for her curvy body shape, and led her to design pieces designed for her. Deity New York was founded after receiving positive feedback from friends and family. It is important to stay in your own vision and not let others’ opinions influence you.

Marcos Martinez Martinez, force behind the Manhattan-based Black and Gay lifestyle website Men Who Brunch, determines the right course of action is about certain aspects of one’s business. Being one of the only a handful of Black as well as Gay bloggers within the neighborhood and a source of information, he covers a array of topics, from the best brunch places that cater to the LGBTQ+ community in New York City to web shows worth watching. Also, he organizes events for people of the Black LGBT population. Martinez was a bit hesitant about the plan and claimed that “if you don’t listen to everyone, it will not be possible to progress within any industry.” His goal overall is to create a secure environment and a community for everyone involved.

Martinez recommended that it is crucial to have a passion for your venture, and do not solely focus on earning money. Martinez said that the having a passion for entrepreneurship will motivate people to endure difficult times. After publishing 15 books with major publishers, Smalls situated in Harlem reported that she was disappointed in her inability to publish work that was beneficial to Black children as well as the wider community. She decided, in the following year, to launch her own publishing firm, Literacise, LLC, that is a minority-owned and owned by women. Smalls also stated her main focus in the creation of children’s books with engaging plots and visually attractive imagery, while also striving for social progress.

at the age of 65 the age of. Evans not only embodies Black History but also has an unrivalled insight into the remarkable transformations witnessed over the course of time. Her wise words of advice were to make sure that every venture fulfills some market demand instead of being focused on one’s personal ego, and also to create a unique point of difference with the product or service it offers. With a focus on his car passion, Mr. Shaun Evans established Envy Wrapz in Westwood, New Jersey whose principal function is wrapping cars in Paint Protection Film (PPFto combat from chipping as well as other forms of injury.


Nia-Amina Smalls is an ardent advocate for Black entrepreneurs as well as Black innovation. Literacise, LLC is her business venture. She aims to make children’s books visually appealing as well as socially relevant. In addition to her 15 published books, she provides the reader with an inspirational example of perseverance and determination in order to be successful despite difficult times.

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