A guide to the best new bars in America – don’t miss out!

Dan Meiser is the founder of Port of Call in Mystic Connecticut. The new bar officially opened by Dan Meiser on March 1. The chef, Renee Touponce, created an international menu inspired by port cities. Jade Ayala, a mixologist designed cocktails that recall the ports of cities. This menu pairs specific foods and drinks.

Port of Call

In the wake of the recent Food & Wine Awards, Newport Beach’s Port of Call is proud to have received one of the most prestigious distinctions across the United States. The nautical-themed bar and restaurant celebrates and honors global cocktails culture. There is also drinking games, beers as well as a meal based on cocktails.

Death & Co.

The inaugural list of 50 of North America’s Top Bars was officially announced at Capitale in New York City, and the winner was the Attaboy bar, a speakeasy located in the Lower East Side. The bar was established by legendary cocktail drinkers Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy, and honors its predecessor Milk & Honey. Staff members of the bar also honor Sasha Petraske, the late bar’s owner.

Katana Kitten

Katana Kitten may not be your typical cocktail bar but it is one of America’s most popular new bars. The bar blends Japanese bartending along with west Village’s dive bar. Although it only was opened in the year 2018, it is already a part of its way in the top 50 list of bars that are the best in the world.


The brand new Montero’s bar located located in Brooklyn Heights, New York is situated at the number 73 Atlantic Avenue. Robert Moses bulldozed the original sign in 1947 to create containers port. In spite of the economic downturn, criminality and huge influx of cash it has been open.

Sidney’s Five

Sidney’s Five East Village restaurant and bar is located. Its drinks are fantastic and the food delicious, too. Mini martini flights are available, as well as free chocolate-covered strawberries. Also, the bar has an extensive food menu which includes small plates and hearty entrees like andouille corn dogs. Sidney’s Five has a five-day opening time, from five p.m. till closing. It’s always packed.

Saint Tuesday

The Saint Tuesday Bar, a speakeasy style bar in New York City has opened its doors. It is situated 2 floors lower than that of the Walker Hotel in Tribeca. The inside is decorated with old wood floors with arched mirrors and iconic bentwood stools. Live music every night will begin around 9:30pm. Guests can enjoy a drink in the Saint Tuesday Reserve list, which features vintage and rare spirits.

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