Analyzing the Fan Reactions to the Shocking Finale of Yellowjackets Season 2

Yellowjackets quickly became a hit show on Showtime which was followed by critical acclaim when it came into Showtime 2021. The psychological horror and coming-of-age series followed a split storyline in two different timelines. It follows a New Jersey high school soccer team who crash-lands in an unidentified forest on their journey to the national championship.

1. Lottie is known as The Antler Queen

Lottie Matthews (Courtney Eaton) began out as somewhat of a shy character, but she soon was one of the show’s most prominent actors. It was at this point that she began experiencing visions which she found terrifying and exact as her mental condition was getting worse.

She even got a wild bear offer itself up for food. It is both an unanticipated and incredibly chilling sequence of things. It’s unclear if these are a consequence of her own mental state or merely an occult force at work remains undetermined, but at the conclusion of season one the woman was a non-official commander of the survivors.

In the second season it seems that she has been able to increase her influence more, with the majority of them bending their knees before her to seek assistance and encouragement. The possibilities are endless, and that makes for an interesting story.

2. Jackie is a time traveler

A popular theory that’s been circulating around the internet is well-known theories floating around in the Yellowjackets fans this season is the idea that Jackie (Ella Purnell) is a time traveler. This theory is based on the opening scene that a mysterious lady runs through the wilderness before becoming dinner for desperate Yellowjackets.

Ashley Lyle, the show’s creator, as well as Bart Nickerson are confirmed by Jackie that they aren’t time traveler.

It was actually resulted from the snowfall that was her first in the winter months, and the episode included a dream sequence where Jackie returns to the homestead. Following an argument between herself and Shauna Lynskey (Melanie Lynskey) and she is frozen to her death.

3. Adam is Javi

Yellowjackets is a thrill ride every single week. The show ranges from horror screams to teenage group dramas, to adults struggling to manage trauma.

While the show skews towards more realistic and less supernatural, there are still some inexplicable elements that have followed Shauna and her family back in their homes. Like adult Taissa’s eyeless man in the mirror or Lottie’s French seance ghost, there’s some eerie ambiance to the whole thing.

Many have speculated that Shauna’s boyfriend Adam (Peter Gadiot) might is Javi Martinez, coach Martinez’s younger son, who got in the wilderness along with Shauna as well as the other girls out in the wilderness. It’s the most plausible theory of them all, as there are plenty of clues that it could be real.

4. Misty is one of the serial killers

Misty was an equipment manager at high school who was often bullied and shunned by peers. After the plane crash, her first aid abilities were vital to survivors. In addition, she saved the life of Ben Scott by cutting off his mangled leg.

Her expertise and knowledge enabled them to survive. However, after she heard two of the survivors tell her that they appreciated her assistance She destroyed the beacon that was used to locate the plane which made it difficult for rescuers to find them.

Misty is trying to kill Jessica Roberts during the season through injecting fentanyl into her cigarettes. In addition, the show suggests that Misty could have caused the deaths of a lot of victims. The next season is sure to be exciting for those who love the show. However, until then, here are the best fan theories that have been circulating online for decades!

5. Shauna is the owner of a house.

Despite Shauna’s reluctance to discuss the subject, the fact she’s haunted by Jackie is one of the most intriguing theories this season. It’s completely logical due to her traumatizing past, that it would make sense for her to be haunted and later on, haunted by her former teammate.

This is also the sole reason to explain why Jackie not being taken to the slaughter by wolves 2021. While sleeping in the blizzard the girl froze before dying.

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