Christmas is coming soon!

This week, we’re talking about one of our favorite holidays-Christmas! We know it can be tough getting into the spirit every year, so this season we are celebrating all things CHRISTMAS!

From listening to christmas music, reading christmas stories, to finding new ways to add some holiday flavor to your life, we have gathered a collection of tips and tricks for you to try out.

So let us begin by saying hello to the winter wonderland that is the Holidays!

Hello friends! It’s time to say goodbye to fall and welcome the beautiful season of winter. Along with that comes the lovely celebration known as christmas!

This month we’re here to talk about how to make the most of the season by exploring different ideas and traditions.

Many people enjoy gathering together during this season to celebrate the birth of Christ, but there are many other ways to honor the season. What works best for you depends on what you feel comfortable sharing and having in the community around you.

Hopefully you will find something here helpful as you prepare for the coming days.

Christmas is a time for relaxation

Christmas is coming soon

This week, we are talking about how to organize your life so that you do not feel stressed out during the holiday season. While it may be fun to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, there can be too much going on around you.

Many people begin the new year by cleaning their homes and giving up things they no longer use or need. This can include donating clothes, toys, and furniture to charities and getting rid of unneeded items such as old dishes and clothing.

After this purging process, these individuals start thinking of ways to reduce spending and save money. Some give up eating at restaurants because it is expensive, and others cut back on daily activities like taking trips to see relatives since it costs money.

These actions will help you spend less money in the short term, but what about in the long run? Will saving money make you happy?

No, it will not. Saving money makes us happier when we are adding to our savings account, but not when we are withdrawing funds from it. It is important to enjoy the experiences you have right now before you focus on future endeavors.

Get a good book to read

Christmas is coming soon

A great way to enjoy the winter season is by reading a good book. You can choose from many different genres, from fiction to non-fiction. Many people have made their favorite books into movies or TV shows so that they can easily access them.

There are several excellent novels out there for all types of readers. Some of my favorites include:

1. The Devil in the White City – Erik Larson

A classic story set during the Roaring Twenties in Chicago, this book follows two young men as they navigate the social circles of wealthy elite. It’s an entertaining read that will keep you intrigued throughout.

2. Gone With the Wind – Margaret Atwood

This novel is best if you are already familiar with the movie but want to learn more about why it is considered one of the greatest love stories ever written.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird – Lee Child

This tale of small town life in America is both thought provoking and emotionally engaging. Although some may find the subject matter too heavy at times, I think every reader should give it a chance.

Plan a holiday party

Christmas is coming soon

This week, we are talking about how to plan your winter holiday party! We will talk about where you want to hold the party, timing of the event, and what to include in it.

If you’re hosting this party at home, make sure you have enough supplies. You do not need to buy too much food, but just be certain that everything is adequate for the number of people coming.

Supplies like paper plates, napkins, plastic ware, straws, and drinks should be sufficient unless there are very few numbers.

This way, people does not get tired looking outside their house or trip down stairs to find nothing they need. Make sure to organize and prepare ahead so everyone can enjoy the night without any worries.

Planning a winter holiday party takes time before the event, but it is totally worth it.

Start planning your holiday shopping

Christmas is coming soon

Before you get too excited, though, make sure to do some important preparation first!

This includes organizing all of your gifts, figuring out what days of the week you will be able to visit family and friends, as well as determining if there are any special events coming up that could influence how you schedule your daily life.

For example, if I was hosting an event two weeks from now, then I would have to give up my night shift so I can be available during the day for work and personal commitments. The same goes for vacations or times when people might not be in town.

By being aware of these potential changes, you can factor this information into your gift buying and decorations gathering!”

It is very difficult to survive major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s without having enough money saved up. It looks great on the surface, but spending every penny you’ve got just before the holidays makes it hard to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Fortunately, saving money isn’t really a big deal if we’re prepared ahead of time. There are many ways to save money at this time of year, and most don’t require much effort or investment.

Try new recipes

Christmas is coming soon

This week’s recipe is for Classic Roast Turkey with Gravy, your average all-American roast turkey paired with brown gravy. While some may consider this boring or even sickening, I think it’t totally worthy of a place in the top ten favorite roasting dishes at Thanksgiving.

Why? Because you can make this dish taste so good without any special ingredients! Just using quality olive oil, salt, pepper, and butter as toppings creates an excellent flavor base that other seasonings can be added onto.

Classic roasted turkey is also known to have a lot of leftover gravy which my family enjoys either cold or heated up and mixed into oatmeal or rice. It makes for a nice change of texture and flavor profile.

If you are looking to try making your own classic roast turkey, start by choosing a very oven-proof pan like a roaster baking sheet or just use a pre-made one. Next, choose a heavy duty pot that will not break down while cooking. A stainless steel pot would work well here since it does not react with food.

Now pick out a full size raw bone sized piece of meat. Make sure it is cut into pieces so it can cook more evenly and do not worry about it being too thick or thin, the poofing nature of cooked fresh turkeys makes it balance out.

Do some crafts

Christmas is coming soon

While you can definitely start buying your gifts early, we recommend waiting until after Thanksgiving to really get into it. That way, if someone has an anniversary coming up or their birthday is in January, you have some time to find something for them!

Many people begin celebrating Christmas around November 9th-11th, so why not take advantage of that gift shopping lull by doing some fun craft projects?

You could make decorations or special cards for winter workouts (or even just because it’s cold!). If you know anyone who loves cooking, make a gift basket with all their favorite cookware and snacks.

If friends or family members love reading, create a book collection or pick out some new books for them to read.

Look up Christmas songs

Christmas is coming soon

Many people get very attached to some of their favorite music, especially during times of celebration or reflection. If you are looking for new additions to your collection, check out our list here! Some of these tunes may be familiar, while others may not be, but all will put a smile on your face and add some beautiful sound to your listening experience.

Many songwriters use inspiration from everyday life to create their lyrics and stories. It is no surprise then that many classic carols like “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” and “Jingle All The Way” were about celebrating the winter season and the coming year!

Christmas is an incredible time to listen to music. Whether it is to celebrate with family, learn something new, or just because you love this music, never underestimate its power.

Sing along

Christmas is coming soon

This week’s song is “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” which many consider to be one of the most famous songs about Santa. Many people know this song well, singing parts of it or whole verses every year during the holiday season.

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