Exploring Marie Anne Thiebaud’s Life Before and After Her Marriage to Shania Twain

Country music performer Shania Twain suffered a lot of heartbreak after learning she was married to Robert Mutt Lange was having an affair with his best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

Then, she split from Lange in 2008. The couple then got married the ex-husband of Marie-Anne’s Frederic Thiebaud in 2011.

1. Frederic Thiebaud is her husband

Shania Twain was divorced from her former husband in 2008. She was informed that Robert “Mutt”, her music writer and producer was involved to Marie Anne Thiebaud, her assistant and best friend. At first, Lange denied the relationship however, Twain was eventually able to learn about it from Thiebaud’s husband, Nestle exec Frederic Thiebaud.

Twain had to go through one of the most difficult breakups. Her new husband for helping her mend his broken heart.

Frederic and She parted ways with partners following their divorces being concluded six months later. The couple finally got married at New Year’s 2011.

Twain and Thiebaud are living happily ever after, and they even credit him for having the confidence to perform again after eight years. Frederic as well as Twain are her happy parents.

2. She’s pregnant

Shania Twain’s ex-wife Marie Anne Thiebaud has finally discovered she’s pregnant. Frederic Thiebaud was her ex-husband who first broke the information to her.

They were married in 2001. They shared a daughter with them, Johanna. However, they eventually divorced in 2008 because of the scandal over Marie’s cheating.

The couple split and moved in Europe. They stayed away from the spotlight after their divorce. They shared custody of their children from prior unions.

She’s currently living in Switzerland with her current spouse, Mutt Lange, who was Shania’s ex- husband. They were reportedly together when the cheating scandal was exposed, and they remain reclusive and in private.

3. She’s in Switzerland

Marie Anne Thiebaud was a time-long friend of Shania Twain and her husband, Mutt Lange. When she was caught cheating with her husband cheating her, they and Mutt Lange separated.

Born in 1971, she was raised at La Tour-de-Peilz in Switzerland. There is a daughter named Johanna Thiebaud, from her first marriage with Frederic Thiebaud.

In 2011, Frederic Thiebaud became the of the singer’s second husband. It was only one year since her split from Robert “Mutt”Mutt” Lange. They live in Switzerland and have a son , Eja Lange.

Country music superstar has the largest home located in Corseaux which overlooks Lake Geneva and her family lives in the same house with her. Her Bahamas house is too.

4. The mother is also a mother.

Marie Anne Thiebaud was Shania Twain’s personal assistant. She also served as her estate manager. Marie Anne Thiebaud wished her birthdays and went on vacation with her.

The pair shared a very strong bond which led them to become the best of friends. The Chateau of Sully was a vast 19th-century Swiss mansion located inside La Tour-de-Peilz.

The couple engaged in an extramarital affair which caused their marriages to be destroyed. Their unions both suffered the ravages of this incident.

However, this was not the final chapter in their romance. The two of them remained close friends, and they also began to show signs of falling in with each other.

The couple got married in 2011, and now live together. They’re also sharing parenting with their kids. Both are very happy with their new lives and continue to travel throughout the world.

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