Exploring the Impact of Technology on Art: How Light Changed the Color Palette

“Color of Light, “Color of Light” exhibition will be on display in the Cane Roots Art Gallery, downtown Christiansted. The exhibit runs from 6 pm until 8 pm. The exhibit will feature works of El’Roy Simmonds as well as Niarus Walker. both generations of Crucian artists who share an affinity for the same genre of expression. This “unconscious effort” led to an exhibition which showcases each artist’s distinct style of expression through shadow and light. The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesdays until Saturdays from 5:00 pm to at night, from the end of May .

Growing up in Christiansted, David Simmonds pursued his educational ambitions by earning an BA diploma from the College of the Virgin Islands (now the University of the Virgin Islands). Following that, he participated as an exchange student in the ***** Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he conducted research on the historical background of the relationship to Denmark and the US Virgin Islands — research which is reflected in his subsequent work. He completed his Masters in Fine Art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He honed his talents towards drawing, painting, and creating live models. After returning home to teach, he taught for several years.

In 2004, Simmonds took a break from the public spotlight and praise for his achievements across a variety of fields, including fine arts, teaching, music business, sculpture, and entrepreneurship. His many international exhibitions, including in New York, Denmark, Haiti and New York, have earned the name “culture bearer”. In his exhibit “If Walls Could Talk” was a study of the forms, colors and lines within Frederiksted Fort’s design. Through this collection, he questioned what had happened. As he considered the events which took place within the walls as slaves were held, Simmonds remarked that it was a surreal experience.

There is no way to speculate on the historical past of the Danish Empire; however, the walls of those that speak could to us, we might be able to gain a more knowledge. The works, “The Color of Light” and “Miss VI America,” artist Nigel Simmonds has produced artwork that is both timeless and of intrinsic value. In the words of Simmonds himself, “‘Miss VI America’ wears the clothing of the older generation. She’s an eminent older woman who goes out for the day dressed in her most stylish hat providing a striking contrast to the youth’s attire depicted in Walker’s work.” Artists like Walker is, regardless of whether it’s instill-life or figurative art explores beauty express a sense of its endless value.

Walker clarified that the idea that “generational memory” involves recording and passing down emotions, be it anxiety, sadness, or happiness, that shape the person’s character and influence their family. Walker observed that children are in the process of creating their own identity, and she painted them. Further, Walker stated that she and Simmonds draw inspiration from an old-fashioned design of light and shadow when it comes to their art. She described herself as a visual artist and art educator.

Walker, hailing from Dominica, WI and having migrated to St.Croix in her early years She isn’t new to the field of art. An accomplished recipient of a BFA at Moore College and an MS in art Education of Florida State University, she has served as an art educator on St.Croix at the elementary and high school levels for the last few year. Her works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, being featured in galleries across in the United States and Denmark. Regarding her exhibition alongside renowned artist El’ Roy, Walker declared her appreciation, by saying “I feel incredibly blessed to exhibit with an artist like El Roy.

The Learning Outcome

In conclusion, Walker’s concept of the concept of memory generation is one of the main foundations for her work. By gaining a deeper understanding of memory, she’s created a distinctive way of telling stories and capturing fleeting moments. Her artistry sees beauty in everyday things and emphasizes the importance of identity and self-expression. The artwork of Walker encourages the viewer not just to consider their experiences, feelings and emotions as well as how they will continue to be passed down through generations.

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