How Elvis’ Daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, Has Evolved Through the Years in Photos

Lisa Marie Presley was a amazing actor, singer as well as a musician for her entire existence. As a teenager, she was struggling with addiction issues, drug addiction as well as other issues however her achievements have been exceptional. While she’s a world famous singer but it wasn’t without the support of her parents. Find out more about her early life and view several great pictures.

The first years of your life

The life of Lisa Marie Presley was not easy. In 1977, the father of her Elvis Presley died at the age of 42. Then, she became an addict to drugs. Her heart broke and she began to turn to music to find to find comfort. The work didn’t cease but she did not stop working.

Lisa Presley is the child of Elvis Presley, and Priscilla Bellieu. She quit high school at the age of 17 and suffered from depression. In order to get rid of depression, she began taking substances. It was then that she realized that she didn’t want to look like her father.

She attended an exclusive school following the death of her father passed away. Then she quit Memphis for Los Angeles. A girls-only school was her first option. The first time she was exposed to drugs occurred at the school. She was experimenting with a variety of illegal drugs.

Lisa was introduced to Nicolas Cage several years later following the passing of her father. Cage and Lisa got married in the year 1988. Cage separated from Cage in the month of November.

The teens

Lisa Marie Presley was not an easy teenager. At just 4 years old, she and her mother separated. The father of her Elvis Presley died in heart failing the next year. The mother of her child, Priscilla Presley, cared for her following the death of her father.

Lisa was able to live the home of her mom at Los Angeles after her father passed away. Then she moved to Graceland, Memphis. A portion of her time was as well spent in the Tennessee mansion in which her father resided.

The drug abuse began in her teens. The sedatives she was taking stopped or cocaine at the age of 18but has not been able to get her life back on track.

Scientology was introduced to her at a young stage of her life. She wasn’t looking to follow the path of her father. Instead, she focused her energy in pursuing a career in music which was a success.

Lisa was devastated over the death of her dad. Lisa was lonely, and began using substances.

The drug addict quit and later she joined Scientology. However, she was conscious of the pressures that were associated with being the daughter of Elvis.

Drugs for phase

Lisa Marie Presley was devastated by her addiction to drugs. As she was in her teens, the problem started. In order to manage her pain she started taking prescription medications. She became a victim of her addiction.

Lisa Marie, aged 17 was in rehab. Her mother brought Lisa Marie to Church of Scientology while she was recovering. It was possible for her to stop taking drugs because of this.

Elvis Presley died when she was only nine years old. Barbiturates prescribed by a doctor could cause a heart stroke. Lisa Marie had a string of relationships that were turbulent in the next few years. Lisa Marie was married to four different men.

Priscilla Presley is the one responsible for the majority of Lisa Marie’s fundraising. However, Michael Abuse of Finances just made things more difficult.

At the age of nine, Lisa Marie and Priscilla separated at the age of nine. Lisa Marie dropped out of the school following that. In the year 1976, Lisa Marie divorced from her parents.

Lisa was to experience a significant transformation in her life after she got married to Danny Keough. The couple would have children with each other. They had a daughter and a son.

The place of the final rest

Following a cardiac arrest at the home of Lisa Marie Presley died on the 12th of January on a Thursday. Many tributes have been offered to the musician and singer, with Nicolas Cage being one of the most notable.

Austin Butler played Elvis in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic. The actor also offered tributes to her mother and Presley Priscilla. Austin Butler, who played Elvis in the biopic of Baz Luhrmann and also expressed his sadness over the loss of Presley and expressed his appreciation for his mother’s courage at the Golden Globes.

Graceland is the place where Elvis Presley’s relatives and friends are burial grounds. It is the 5th most visited tour for a home in the United States, and has over 500k people visiting each year.

Lisa Marie was the only inheritor of the Graceland estate following the death of her father. passed away. When she turned 25 , and had the house. The majority of her stake in 2005.

Graceland will hold a memorial service of condolences this Sunday. The funeral will be attended by a large number of fans. This will be the first burial ceremony on the site since Elvis’ mother Minnie Mae passed away in the year 1980.

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