The Benefits of Healthy Home Cooking: Making the Most of Your Kitchen

It is my experience that cooking during days when I am working or in the afternoons on a weekday is can be a fantastic way of having amusement, especially when it is accompanied by specially selected music from my Spotify playlist. What I am experiencing, regardless of the dish I’m cooking (which is often a great deal of cheese), is the most important thing. This allows us to ask the question, philosophically: Is the journey more important than the destination?

While food can be delightful, the experience in cooking itself is typically much more enjoyable and satisfying than the end product; sometimes, the working for hours over the recipe can result in an unpleasant meal that’s immediately devoured. Many people find cooking to be a relaxing activity. The process can also serve as an art therapy to reduce the symptoms of mental illness. Cooking can be a relaxing moment that allows one to feel energized and secure. It is a fun solution to any challenge.

The creative and experimental nature of cooking can help to enhance the appreciation for its unique characteristics. It gives you the chance to capitalize on existing tastes and abilities, as well to transform an everyday thing (eatinginto something artistic and meaningful. There is a way to tap into nostalgia through recipes and food-splattered recipe books that are passed from one generation to another. The same can be expressed for loved ones who are lost, which can also be located in the familiarity of tastes, smells, and sounds. Additionally, there’s the sense of peace in knowing that in the coming hour or so, one can be in a world of flavors that linger, scents, and images that have been carefully collected.

Cooking can be immensely beneficial providing many opportunities to acquire a wide range of skills such as techniques for cooking, kitchen utensils and plating. You can also understand the past and culture and the numerous ingredients you can use to create diverse dishes. Instead of thinking of dinner on the weeknights as a chore to be completed and do, consider cooking as a means to relax. Cooking can give you relief from stress and worries as well as a chance to cultivate meditation. A kitchen’s accessibility can provide people with access to various calming activities and opportunities. Therefore, cooking is an indispensable panacea.

As a student in college, I attended a class on positively oriented psychology. I was extremely interested about the concept of flow and wrote extensively about it in my final paper. In the words of Verywell Mind, flow is best described as “a mental state in which one is fully at the center of an action.” It isn’t limited to one particular type of behavior and may be experienced when performing necessary daily tasks, like feeding oneself as well as loved ones. Food is also a way to be joyful and discover fulfillment from the essentials of life, no matter what your culinary experience.

I feel satisfied and fulfilled as I enjoy the moment completely. Writing and cooking are the two occasions when I’m in “flow”. It’s not just limited to cooking; it can be. If you’d like to read more amazing food and recipe writing, I suggest you subscribe the Salon Food’s newsletter The Bite. I have recently had an exchange with my acquaintance Alex Waidelich, who is licensed as a Associate Counselor in New Jersey, regarding the notion of mental health awareness while cooking at home. She discussed executive functioning, becoming a popular subject in both academic and non-educational groups.


In conclusion, the concept of flow is a crucial concept that everyone should explore and benefit from in order to lead more enjoyable and fulfilling life. Flow can be described as the ability to tune into the natural rhythms and to receive nourishment. When we engage in things that put us in this state of mind it is possible to feed ourselves and those around us with the nutrition they require both spiritually and physically. Nutrition is both an essential and an opportunity to flourish and thrive, so go with the flow.

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