The Different Types Of Taxis In The City Of Chicago

A taxi, also called cabs or a taxicab, is a kind of car for hire by a single individual, usually with a driver, who can drive from one place to another of your choice. It is the fastest mode of transportation, as well as convenient and safe. Taxis are usually used for short distances within the town or city.

Taxis are generally classified according to their size, speed and structure. The most basic classification is an organism that travels on the roads and highways. These taxis have no air conditioning, no seat belts, mirrors or headlights. They are of two types: those that need drivers and passengers and those which are self-driven. A taxi is not only used for travel within cities or towns, but also for everyday traveling for one’s personal needs. For instance, a taxi may be hired to go to and from the airport, to a grocery store, the hospital, or to any other place of one’s choice.

All taxis are monitored and operated by their respective companies, through meters and computers. All taxicabs in Chicago operate on pay-as-you-go, which means that a customer can choose the time he wants his cab to be used. Taxis also have their own identification tags, which contain all the necessary information about the cab. Some cabs have yellow licenses, others blue. Both are required to display these licenses, along with their registration papers, when they are for sale or hire.

Taxicabs come with chauffeur driven chauffeurs who provide the driver’s services to customers. There are separate cabs for male and female drivers, and all these cab drivers have their own identification badges, which carry their photograph as well. Male cab drivers also wear a bandanna over their hair, while female taxi drivers put on a scarf or headband. All of these taxi drivers have to undergo thorough training before they are allowed to drive taxis.

There are various types of taxicabs in Chicago, including pink taxis, “kidnap” cabs, limousines, and green taxis. Pink taxis are available in every size and color imaginable, starting from the very small to the very large. Kidnap taxi service has become very popular in Chicago. It is mostly seen in areas where there are high incidents of pickpockets.

“Green taxi” cabs, or mini taxicabs are known for their environmentally friendly features. These taxis run on electric engines and recharge themselves with the use of the customers’ collected toll fees. These taxis feature rechargeable nickel batteries, which provide a long service life of more than five years. These taxis feature both a digital meter and a real time GPS system. Many of these green taxis come equipped with air conditioners.

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