The psychology of female con artists

Bob Greenblatt will partner with Allison Janney, actress and writer, to turn the book Confident Women into an Amazon Prime Video anthology-based series. Janney will be a part of the project as a producer as well as an executive producer, however she is not writing, alongside Chris Henze. He is the who is Thruline’s.

e is confident in amassing an array of new projects in development. Tori Telfer’s novel “Confident Women: Swindlers, shapeshifters, and Grifters of the Feminine Persuasion” it was released last year, covers the female victims of con across a wide range of narratives from the past several years. The Variety’s Greenblatt said that it was a cool way to present some women-focused stories, but with a darker twist. It’s not Dahmer. This is not about serial killers. But these women have done amazing things.

“It was time that women were provided with equal rights,” said Greenblatt. “Confident Women” will tell the story of one woman every season. The show will start with Sante Kimes, an American woman of Indian descendant who committed diverse array of crimes, and even is responsible for several murders in the span of several years. Greenblatt stated that “they’re all driven towards this life because of various factors that we’d like understand.” “And give you the reasons. A few of these stories are really, really incredible.” Greenblatt has previously worked alongside Junge on Showtime for “The United States of Tara”.

Junge Janney And Henze will work together on the project. Telfer has joined the project as co-EP. The idea will be developed by Amazon Studios and Thruline Entertainment. He added “I am thrilled to collaborate with Janney because she’s a close and dear friend.” The first time Janney has ventured in production and Chris was the one who introduced me to the idea. I jumped aboard together. Meanwhile, Greenblatt continues to be working to accelerate development within the company he has created, The Green Room, which includes a preview deal with Lionsgate.

Amazon Studios has launched the dark comedy “Dirty Deed”. The show’s creators Tom And Charlotte Melia are the writers of this dark comedy. The story follows a woman who is best friends with two women who realize that the only choice for being able to own a house is to murder her grandmother. Greenblatt states that, even though the grandmother is wealthy with a beautiful property, she’s also a complicated, terrible woman. Friends realize that the only option to overcome financial distress is to kill their grandma. This is a right she has earned and you’ll see from the beginning.

“Dirty Deed” is the third series which has emerged from Greenblatt’s deal at Lionsgate which is responsible for the television series “Death at Penn State” at Hulu and the murder mystery anthology series “The Show must go on.” Jon Wu will co-executive produce “Dirty Deed” for The Green Room. Greenblatt will serve as executive producer. Roberto Troni is also on the team as executive producer for Various Artists Ltd., and Angie Stephenson is executive producer for BBC Studios.

In an overview

So if you’re in the search for a film that leaves you wondering, ” should I really be laughing at this? The film “Dirty Deed” is the right one suitable for you. If anything, it’ll give you a whole new appreciation for your grandmother.

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