The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Sports Bar in NOLA to Catch the Game

If you’re a resident, you’re a visitor or have a love for sports, there are several excellent bars for sports that are located in New Orleans you should consider in your search for the best place to catch a game. These five establishments will make sure that you’ll get an excellent seat and you can enjoy a delicious meal as well!

Cooter Brown

Located at Carrollton in Carrollton St. Charles, Cooter Brown’s Sports Bar is among the most popular sports bars situated in NOLA to watch a match. The establishment is an NOLA tradition, which dates all the way to 1977 when it opened in the heart of the Black Pearl. The locals love the place with its gourmet oyster bar and a large bottle- and can menu.

One of the main attractions of the sports bar is its luxurious oyster bar. The restaurant offers a wide selection of beers on tap, and a menu that is devoted to oysters. The restaurant also boasts an open hookah bar.

Cooter Brown’s often is referred to “The Park”, which refers to all the areas of the outdoors that this spot features. It’s also a popular venue for live music. It’s an ideal spot for a concert or grab some food and drink before or after the game.

Big Dean’s Sports bar

Whether you’re a fan of the NFL or NBA, New Orleans is an excellent place to enjoy the games. There are numerous bars for sports within the city that offer a relaxing atmosphere for your game-day experience. Some of them have an outstanding selection of food and drinks, a large number of TVsand a pleasant ambience.

The location is in The Warehouse District, this casual sports bar features multiple TVs. The bar also offers a great selection of beers. It’s also an excellent spot to view the international soccer match.

The bar is a neighborhood’s sports bar that offers a large selection of beers, as well as a nice selection of bottled and canned beverages. The bar also offers a decent choice of pub meals.


You may be looking for an ideal spot to catch the game, show support for local sports teams, or just hang out, there are plenty of excellent NOLA sports bars for you to pick from. There are plenty of drinks and watch various sports in these bars. Additionally, there are plenty of eateries. In addition, you can find some offering international sporting events.

Some of the most popular bars to watch sports located in New Orleans are located all across the city. Some are bar that are neighborhood-oriented, and some provide upscale views as well as dining. These bars are renowned by their great beverages, food, and atmosphere.

Finn McCool’s is among NoLA’s best bars. The Irish pub is a well-known neighbourhood bar. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy watching soccer, rugby, and American football. There are nine indoor TV screens at the bar.


Whether you’re an avid sporting fan or needing a location for a spot to watch the game there’s plenty of top New Orleans sports bars to browse through. You can find them anywhere from neighborhood bars with a low-key atmosphere or luxury venues for viewing. It is possible to find New Orleans sports bars that host games for colleges, professional and international teams.

Tracey’s Sports Bar is a community hangout offering plenty of beers available, a wide menu, as well as plenty of televisions. This is an ideal place for family and friends to catch a game. It’s also famous by its large boiling crawfish. They have a big screen which is ideal for sporting events.

The Pluckers

No matter if you’re a resident, tourist or a Super Bowl fan, New Orleans has plenty of options to watch your favorite sport. There are several bars around New Orleans that provide a chance to catch the action and enjoy several drinks.

It is located in the Archie Manning Sports Bar is situated in the Harrah’s Casino’s downtown and is home to two 13-foot-high mega screens. You will also find the leather seats, a desk with anchors for sports as well as recliner seating. The bar offers a complete menu, as well as an extensive selection of cocktails.

Coop’s Place is one of the local favorites. The tavern serves a wide range of beverages and food items, including their signature Red Beans & Rice. The bar is situated on a patio where you can sit and watch games.

Sidecar Patio Oyster Bar

Located in the Warehouse District, Sidecar NOLA Patio Oyster Bar offers fresh oysters and seafood. They also serve raw oysters tropical-inspired cocktails, and an expansive patio. This is a great place to watch an Big Easy game.

There are many sports bars available throughout New Orleans. There are a handful of bars which stand out due to the quality of their food and drinks. Whether you’re looking for an area to catch your favorite team, or a national show There’s plenty of top sports bars in town. These are some worth a visit:

R Bar: The R Bar is a wonderful location for anyone looking for an unpretentious, non-stressful environment. The bar has a great drinks menu and are also offering free food. It’s an ideal place to host a party because it is located in a historical place. It’s open 24 hours a day that’s why you’re free to come in for a pint at any time.

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