Types of Fabrics and Styles of Clothing

Clothing is items worn over the body. Clothes are usually made of natural fibers or textiles but in time also has come to include garments created of animal skins or other man-made thin sheets of material put together. The wearing of clothes is most often confined to human beings alone and is generally a social feature of human cultures. Some cultures wear more than one piece of clothing and some even cover their bodies completely when attending certain social functions. Historically, clothing has been a symbol of status or honor. Clothes were also used for protection from the elements as well as for personal comfort.

The primary article of clothing that we all need is the clothing itself. When buying articles of clothing, we need to be careful that we are not being fooled into buying something that does not fit or is too fashionable. This can easily be done by knowing the primary article of clothing – the textile. Textile refers to the covering that a textile has whether it is natural or synthetic.

Textiles can be used to make almost anything and there are many different types of clothing that fall under this category. These include dresses, trousers, skirts, leggings, blouses, tunics and cargos. These are just a few of the many different types of clothes that people wear everyday. Clothing can be categorized further by the occasion that it is worn for. Summer clothing for example, will have a different texture, feel and appearance than winter clothing.

The three major textile categories of clothing are formal, casual and semi-formal clothing. Formal clothing tends to be white in color while casual clothing is more of a stretchable fabric with buttons and zipper. Semi-formal clothing usually consists of a blouse top and trousers. This type of clothing is suitable for most occasions while formal clothing can only be worn at certain occasions.

One of the most common fabric types of clothing is cotton. Clothing made of cotton will feel slightly heavy on the skin and will allow the air circulation around your body. In addition to being breathable, cotton clothing also looks and feels great. Cashmere is one of the more popular fabric types of clothing that is often worn for many different occasions and in many different styles. Cashmere clothing is often worn to complement other types of clothing and it can be used to create a great layered look. Another very popular fabric type is silk clothing can look luxurious and elegant.

Different types of clothing such as ladies garments, men’s garments, children’s garments, and even infant clothing can be found at many different retail outlets. Some garments can even be custom made so that the owner can design and create a unique garment just for them. There are endless styles and designs when it comes to purchasing any type of garments.

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