What it Was Like to be at a Talley Fashion Show and the Legacy it Left Behind

In a stately manner”, Andre Leon Talley left an indelible impression on the fashion industry and brought a new age of fashion when he was alive. The influence of his name will impact the industry for years to come. This will begin with the start of an auction for his estate on January th that will end on the internet next month. It will be followed by a live auction in Christie’s in NYC on February th.

The late renowned Vogue fashion editor and creative director M. Talley, sadly passed from this world, leaving an enormous collection of well-collected fashion objects which filled two houses. These items will be on sale to purchase during the forthcoming live sale, which includes an array of things including haute couture pieces, handbags, jewelry, fine art, books, personalized luggage, and many more. This exclusive collection features items that are from renowned designers, such as Diane Von Furstenburg and Tom Ford and Tom Ford, in addition to tailored caftans that were the Mr. Talley’s style signature. In addition, letters feature in this collection of notable items.

Alongside fashions and accessories designed by Karl-Langerfeld, watches, and furniture, Christie’s is offering an collection of objects from famous designer Andre Talley for their upcoming auction. With his significant place in pop and fashion media, it’s expected that the auction will garner lots of interest. The auction will be held in person. Christie’s will also hold an online auction of items beginning in January through February . One item that is particularly noteworthy during the auction online is a French piece of block-printed wallpaper from featuring intricate detail and striking hues. As per the source of the piece it was a gift by Diane Von Furstenburg.

Karl Lagerfeld was a well-known artist, and was the Head of Chanel Fashion House from when he died. He was also the Creative Director of Fendi for Fur and Leather Goods. A variety of sketches and drawings, photographs, as well as prints by Mr. Lagerfeld will be offered during the Talley Estate sale. Their estimate values vary from $ to several thousands of dollars. Furthermore, a variety of beautiful jewelry is offered to purchase via both on and off-line channels that have values that range between thousands of dollars..

Christie’s will hold live auctions in New York City. It includes a spectacular collection of necklaces and cufflinks and watches. Also, you can find three Dior Rhinestone Brooches that are expected to fetch anywhere from $,-$,.. Additionally, the auction will also feature artwork from the illustrious collection of Talley and a portrait taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz and presented by none other than Anna Wintour.

As Vogue colleagues and esteemed fashion icons, Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley formed a tight friendship throughout their years together at the magazine. Talley’s collection is comprised of several pieces created by Andy Warhol. One of his most notable works can be found in Candy Box (True Love), which was a screenprint with the text H.V.D. andre Andy Warhol” and valued between $,-$,. Furthermore, Warhol created an illustration in a Vogue article authored by Talley, titled “Bridled Passion,” worth $,-$,.


Live auctions at Christie’s located in New York City promises to provide a unique opportunity to collectors far and wide. The Talley collection is exquisite. products will be sought by collectors who care about rare, unique pieces. This auction will be like no other, which should not be missed by the collectors everywhere.

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