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If you’re planning for an agent who is a literary one Here is a listing of agents who are considered to be the best of their field and would be willing to collaborate with writers who are new. Find an agent that fits your requirements.

It is sometimes difficult to know which agents really want new writers, as well as which representatives are unable to read submissions. Literary agents serve as gatekeepers who take the top ideas and then submitting them to production and publishing companies for consideration. Because the editors of these organizations are often busy with other commitments, they are not in a position to review all manuscripts. Agents are essential in this situation by representing writers and selling their work. Thus, if you are selling your novel, it’s likely that you’ll need an agent.

Case Walker Literary Agency represents far more than its clients. % are novels and non-fiction novels. Seeking new and established writers, the agency is particularly interested in fiction that falls into the following categories: ethnic, experimental, family saga, feminist, gay/lesbian, glitz, hi-lo, historical, humor/satire, literary, mainstream/contemporary, multicultural, multimedia, mystery/suspense, regional, short story collections, spiritual, translation, young adult, women’s.

Before becoming an agent Ms. LeBaigue was employed for a number of years by Sony Pictures and Warner. She is interested in sign, biography/autobiography, cooking/foods/nutrition, crafts/hobbies, current affairs ethnic/cultural interests, gay/lesbian issues, government/politics/law, how-to, interior design/decorating, memoirs, nature/environment, photography, popular culture, science/technology, sociology, sports, true crime/investigative, women’s issues/studies. Fiction areas of interest: action/adventure, feminist, gay/lesbian, literary, mainstream/contemporary, mystery/suspense, thriller, women’s, Southern voices.

Prior to her current position Ms. Ferrari-Adler had been employed at Sobel Weber Associates. She specializes in literary novels or narrative nonfiction. She also writes commercial fiction. Other fields of nonfiction that appeal for her are history, memoir, women’s cookbooks, and cultural studies. Winifred Golden is seeking literature novel, ethnic fiction thrillers, suspense, commercial and science fiction. She will consider nonfiction if the author has expertise and an impressive track record. Subjects of interest for nonfiction can be broad but she is particularly interested in narrative nonfiction and health/medicine.

Richard Brown is interested in these areas: fiction with a faith-based viewpoint, nonfiction, short story collection, novellas and short stories. He specializes in religious books with these types of genres.


This is just a small selection of the many aspects are important to keep in mind when addressing agents with questions about your work. Be thorough in your research and be professional. Don’t lose heart. A professional is waiting for you. And when you put in the proper amount of work, you’ll be able to find them.

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