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In the recent keynote address at the ANA Brand Activation and Creativity Conference Radio Flyer CEO Robert Pasin explained how the company uses the most recent technology to create unique products that offer fun for kids and adults alike. Pasin is also known as the Chief Wagon Officer, is leading Radio Flyer into the next century of innovation.

In his tenure as head of the company, Pasin has guided Radio Flyer to five consecutive years of growth. The company’s revenues have exceeded $100 million. His direction has made Radio Flyer position itself as an industry leader in innovation and sustainable development.

According to Pasin, there are many things to take into consideration when it comes to creating a product that is successful. In particular, Pasin and his team work to remain ahead of the trends in micro-mobility.

Pasin hopes to continue leading the company into the new century of technology. Pasin is determined to preserve the company’s rich culture and incorporating the evolving preferences of customers. Also, he is determined to make sure that the brand’s relevance remains.

The new e-bikes and E-wagons which are available now at Radio Flyer are just the beginning of a new range of products that are set to grow on the firm’s legacy. Radio Flyer has a strong determination to create high-quality items which will provide happy memories for every child.

Alongside the development of new merchandise, Pasin and his team are also working on improving customer service. Pasin says that a lot of energy and time are spent to ensure that customers are being heard. For instance, Pasin hired market research firms to understand what customers wanted, and what Radio Flyer could provide it. The Pasin team also designed an interactive play lab in his headquarters of the company. This play lab featured testing track sidewalks and a video camera in order to see what the kids were playing with in the field.

FUNomenal was also created by the company in order to express its culture. Pasin is the father of the firm, so it’s no surprise that he is in love with this family-owned business. Crain’s Chicago Business named him one of their “40 under 40” as well as Fortune magazine’s best workplaces in America. The company also gave him the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy for the Radio Flyer short movie.

The company also was named among Fortune’s “Best Employers” and was named one of the Glassdoor’s “Top CEOs” in the U.S. His company has been named as one of the best companies to employ in Illinois and one of the best companies to work for in parts of Europe.

Pasin, a young boy, was fascinated by the goods of the company. His grandfather was the founder of the business , and he passed the company’s torch to him. In his early years, he was given an excursion through the factory. He was unaware that it wasn’t the only way to innovate.

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